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And thanks for stopping by to check out the site. If you’re looking to commission a custom painting, you are in the right place. I am committed to providing the highest quality custom oil paintings that you can buy. It is my goal to capture the very soul of your pets in my paintings, so that you may constantly be reminded of the love that you have shared with them throughout your lives.
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How it Works

Step 1: The Image

Email me a picture! The best portraits come out from high-quality images. The more detail I can see in your photo, the better the painting will turn out. In other words, pictures taken from cameras are extremely preferable over ones taken from cell phones. Make sure that the picture is not to dark, blurry, small or pixilated. If you have any doubts about your image, feel free to ask me.

Step 2: Photoshop

If you have more than one photo that you want to use, I have the ability to combine them in photoshop. I will arrange a few different compositions for you to choose from. In this stage, you have the choice to change your background, colors, or anything you want! Once you have chosen the perfect image, I use it as my reference to paint your new portrait.

Step 3: The Painting

Next, choose the size of canvas that you want. I have sizes from 8”x10” to 18”x24”, which are all standard framing sizes. I can also do custom sizes. Once you have made all of your decisions, I can get to work and complete your very own custom oil painting. Expected time of completion averages from 2-4 weeks depending on demand.

Gallery and Testimonials

Click one of the links or pictures to be redirected to the gallery of my completed paintings. Check back once in a while to see new additions! Paintings are posted after the customer has recieved their portrait.


All of my paintings are custom and unique. The prices are determined by the size of the canvas and the level of detail involved in the work. If you would like to receive a quote, please email me at alexcech@painted-paws.com.

About the Artist

Alexandra Cech has interests in all different kinds of fields, but art has always been her number one passion. Running a close second is her love for all animals, and having three dogs of her own, understands the love we have for our four legged best friends. She feels very fortunate that she is able to combine her passions to create works of art for her clients of their beloved animals.
Education: Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia PA


Feel free to reach out to me at any time.


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